Real Estate Law

Residential Real Estate Law

At Voigt Law Group, P.A., we understand that dealing in real estate often marks the most significant investment an individual is likely to make. Every piece of property is unique, and prospective buyers spend a great deal of time locating that one perfect property that best meets their needs. Sellers, meanwhile, devote considerable resources into ensuring a qualified seller and putting the property and title in salable condition. It can be intimidating to realize that any mistake or misunderstanding could be enough to derail all the hard work that had previously taken place. Our firm helps bridge this gap.

Having closed thousands of real estate transactions, Voigt Law Group, P.A., pays close attention to all the details and works diligently to ensure that our clients have a successful and smooth experience with their real estate dealings.

Our firm can provide the following services:

  • Preparation of Contracts for Sale and Purchase
  • Review of a Previously Prepared Contract for Sale and Purchase
  • Representation of Buyer(s)
  • Representation of Seller(s)
  • Escrow Services
  • Deed Preparation
  • Mortgage Preparation
  • Drafting and Review of Leases
  • Satisfaction Preparation
  • Closing Agent Services
  • Issue Title Insurance

Contract Preparation

We can create a Purchase and Sale Contract in compliance with Florida law.  The contract can be a complex legal instrument; easily exceeding ten pages.  The agreement establishes the sales price and outlines the obligations and responsibilities of each party.  Every contract contains important deadlines.  All parties need to understand the significance of these deadlines.  Missing a deadline for making an escrow deposit or for the completion of a home inspection can significantly impact the Buyer and the Seller.

Contract Review

Real estate professionals negotiate many real estate purchase and sale agreements.  Once signed, the agreement is a binding legal contract and it can be difficult or impossible to negotiate changes.  It would prove wise to consult with us at your earliest opportunity.

Lease Preparation or Review

We can prepare a residential lease.

Representation of a Buyer or Seller

Florida law does not require that an attorney represent either a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction.  However, having an attorney who specializes in real estate represent your interests in the transaction will provide you with peace of mind, guidance and may reduce future liability issues.

Escrow Services

At the time a purchase offer is accepted, a portion of the down payment (earnest money deposit) is paid.  Additional funds are often required before the closing date.  We can hold these funds in our real estate trust account until the closing of the transaction.

Deed Preparation

The deed is the legal document that transfers the ownership of the property. Florida law requires specific information be shown on the deed.  We can prepare a deed for you in compliance with Florida law.

Satisfaction Preparation

When a mortgage or lien is paid in full, a satisfaction of mortgage or lien must be prepared and recorded in the public records to show that the mortgage or lien has been satisfied and is no longer an outstanding debt.  We can prepare and record satisfactions for you.

Closing Agent Services

Our law firm can prepare your contract, provide title insurance, prepare documentation and act as the closing agent for the transaction.  When you work directly with a law firm, one benefit is that you have an attorney available to answer any legal questions you may have before and during the closing process.

Issuing Title Insurance

Real estate contracts require the seller to provide marketable title to the property.  This allows the buyer to take ownership and be reasonably sure that claims from others will not arise after the transfer.  This assurance is possible only after a search and examination of the documents relating to the current and past property ownership.  These documents include deeds, easements, tax liabilities, mortgage liens and lien satisfactions.  The search will identify all current owners of the property and confirm who can legally transfer title to the property.  It will determine if there are limitations on the use of the property due to condominium or homeowners association restrictions and public or private easements.  It is important to identify all outstanding liens and assessments against the property.  Outstanding liens on the property must be satisfied and dealt with at closing.  Problems uncovered by the search are resolved before the transfer of the property.

The purchase of title insurance provides buyers with ongoing protection against matters that were handled improperly in the past.  For example, a previous deed in the chain of title was improperly prepared or executed.